Elyria, Ohio’s Todd Zack Jr. literally can do it all, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Arranger, A&R, Sound Designer and more encompass what the standout can do.

As a singer, Zack Jr. embodies the talent, emotion and vulnerability so many ask for in their R&B and Soul let alone art to begin with. Everything from his resume to his discography is packed full with features, production, collaborations and undeniable experience.  After enduring the hardest year of his life in 2019, Todd Zack Jr. is up and getting and continuing to pursue ventures in and out of music including the release of debut album “Appropriate”.  

Todd Zack Jr’s beginnings in music started pretty much from inception, he credits long car rides with his mother and younger brother as his proper introduction to the art form. “My mom had so many CDs & album booklets in a big CD binder, so I’d spend the trips immersing myself into mostly R&B albums.” Zack Jr says. This was just the launching pad as Todd began to research and discover music on his own. “I was the kid downloading music, making mix CDs for kids at school, always making it a point to put new music on the back end of their CDs just to put people onto new sounds.” Zack Jr. recalls.


All of this, built the foundation leading Zack Jr. to pursue his own expression and during this time began developing his own style. He joined a singing group in high school and began showcasing his versatility: writing the harmonies, writing the music and doing the backing vocals. After graduating high school and attending the University of Toledo for a year, the Elyria prodigy joined the Air Force for 6 1/2 years.


During his time in the Air Force, Zack Jr. took advantage of all the traveling he was doing. Between Vegas and LA, Zack Jr was working connections, writing vocals, arranging tracks and becoming an established artist in both cities. Later on he would be stationed in Omaha, Nebraska, “...I took the tools I learned to establish myself as the main R&B presence there in addition to throwing events and curating the social scene,” Todd Zack says. This was only the beginning for the Ohio Player. 

There’s no other way to describe Todd Zack Jr’s music other than smooth. With his favorite genre and time period of music being 2000’s R&B music, Zack Jr.’s art fits that aesthetic to perfection while bringing his own modern flavor to it. Zack Jr. labels his music as “self care” “Music that’s perfect for reflection, care, energy, mood, all that. Gives you a refreshing feel.” he says. Every time you press play on a track from him, you’re immediately whisked back to a time where vulnerability was prime and the artist’s voice is as much an instrument as the production of the track. This was witnessed in Zack Jr’s debut EP “Evoking Emotions”.


At the time in 2017, he had just separated from the Air Force, moved to LA three weeks later, performed in SXSW in March, went right into a 10-city tour, took meetings and all of this experience is channeled into this album. All the ups and downs that come with the life experience are here and the modern production gives this album the space to be played in any setting. 


2019 was Todd Zack Jr.’s hardest year of his life so far, between personal struggles and professional ones, the Ohio native was carrying a lot. “I fell out of love with the artistry of music, barely releasing music.” Zack Jr. says. The mark of a great artist like Todd Zack Jr, is taking responsibility and using that to propel to the next level of your growth and that’s exactly what the Ohio hero has done.


With over 739K streams to his name, Todd Zack’s resume speaks for itself as he continues to build it up, from collaborations with artists such as Cam Wallace & papichuloteej, doing work for companies like Mass Appeal and ESPN, landing coverage from DJ Booth, Lyrical Lemonade, SingersRoom, Elevator Magazine and more, the list goes on and on.


Todd has performed all over the country with the likes of Big Sean, Snoh Aalegra, JR Castro, JMSN, and others. Zack Jr. dubs his music as "self-care music", taking you on a sonic trip while incorporating innovative elements within the R&B/Soul genres,

all catered to one's energy being fueled in the most appropriate way.



Todd currently has over 4,500 followers on Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, his Soundcloud profile page has grossed in over 754,000 total plays.


Production Credits – Sango, Waldo, Cam Wallace, ESPN, WMG, Atlantic Records, papichuloteej, HAKIM, & more.

Todd is endorsed by Priority Records GM Fuzzy Fantabulous, and has received praise from 9x Grammy Award-winning producer Bryan-Michael Cox, Grammy Award winning producer/ Songbook Ent. Owner Troy Taylor, R&B legends Al B. Sure!, Vernon Martin, an original member from the legendary R&B group The Spinners, Nokio from the R&B group Dru Hill, R&B/Soul Singer/Songwriter Eric Roberson, who’s most notable for his songwriting /helping hone the sounds of Musiq Soulchild in addition to his two Grammy Award nominations.

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